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Mold Testing

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When you inhale a large number of mold spores then you may not realize it but your health can be affected. This isn’t something that should alarm you if you do not have an allergy to mold but if you do then this is something that should be of concern to you. Tampa Mold Removal can perform mold testing to determine if there is an unhealthy amount of mold in your home or business. You may already be displaying symptoms of possible mold exposure, such as headaches, watery eyes, a cough or other reactions similar to an allergic reaction.

Testing for Mold

We test for mold through various methods. We check for allergens that may be in the air. Even though we are going to find some levels of mold through our testing process, we know how much is too much. We discuss any health concerns that you may have too, which can help us get to the bottom of things. Once we have collected enough samples throughout your property then we can determine if you have a mold problem. We can also determine the source of your mold problem through our testing process, which is important for proper treatment.

Affordable Testing

When you hear about a mold test the first thing that you might think is that it’s one more expense that you don’t need. However, we assure you that testing will be far less expensive than having remediation performed because you have let the mold spread. We are one of the most affordable mold removal and remediation services in Tampa, which is one of the many reasons why so many turns to us for mold testing. We realize you may not want the added expense but we assure we will make it as affordable as possible.

Harmful Mold

When we first begin the process of checking for mold, it’s important that we immediately determine the amount of mold particles in the air. WHO (World Health Organization) has reported that airborne particles are more harmful to your health than smoke if the carcinogen levels are high. Through our testing, we have found that on average, indoor particles are 1 ½ to 2 ½ times higher than outdoor levels. This means that indoor mold can be even more harmful than the mold that is found outdoors. That is why it is important to have testing performed, especially if you have small children with upper-respiratory problems.

Efficient Mold Testing

We only work with experts with the appropriate training to handle the testing of mold for our customers in Tampa. You can depend on them to provide you with the most accurate testing results, as they have the experience and qualifications needed to effectively perform the job. Whether it is mold or not, they will let you know what you are dealing with. If they detect an amount that they fear can spread then they will make a recommendation about what you should do next, to effectively prevent mold from spreading.

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