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Mold & Health

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Unfortunately, we are exposed to mold every day, whether we touch it or inhale it. Mold is something that is commonly found indoors and outdoors. It’s impossible to think that you can live in an environment without mold. Tampa Mold Removal has educated many of our customers about mold and how it affects them. When mold starts to develop, spores are released into the air where you begin to inhale it. When you are exposed to a lot of mold spores, it can make you sick. The risk of experiencing health problems because of mold is why it’s important to have the indoor mold removed.

How It Affects Your Health

Various types of molds can develop indoors and these are the ones that can usually affect your health. They can cause an allergic reaction, create irritants, and possible toxins. How much mold affects a person depends on how much exposure they have had to it, the person’s age, and his or her sensitivities or possible allergies they have. People sensitive who touch or inhale mold or spores may experience a runny nose, nasal congestion, skin rash, watery eyes, and itching. Mold can also cause those with asthma, attacks.

How Do I Know If I’ve Been Exposed

Some doctors will suggest that you have a test for mold-specific antibodies. If antibodies are detected then this means that you have been exposed to it at some point. It will not tell you when, where, or how much mold you have been exposed to. While doctors may recommend this type of test, a positive test result isn't sufficient enough to determine if your health concerns are caused by mold exposure. However, this is up to the individual if they want to have the testing performed.

Mold Removal

The best way to reduce your exposure to mold is to contact Tampa Mold Removal and allow us to remove any signs of mold that may exist. Mold may be present in your home but it usually doesn't become a big problem unless you can physically see it. It is something that usually goes undetected for quite a while, which is why it is in your best interest to have it removed as soon as you discover it. You can minimize its effect on your health and on yourself, financially. The longer it is around the more it has a chance to spread.

Mold Testing

If you suspect a high amount of mold in your home or business then we can come in and test your entire property. The key is to determine if the mold has spread to other areas so that we can address the problem at the same time. If there is a mold that has spread to other rooms then this means that some type of remediation will have to occur. When you suspect or know for certain that you have a mold problem, call to schedule a mold test immediately. You will save yourself a lot of frustration later.

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